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Ashtanga at Ebb&Flow 


There a total of 3 series: Primary, Intermediate and Advanced. For the majority of practitioners they work with the primary series .  

This series consists of Sun Salutations to warm up.  Then the fundamental positions which consists of standing poses, followed by the primary series which is a set of sequences that requires more power, flexibility and endurance.  This is then followed by the finishing sequence, which are namely inversions, their focus is to create concentration and bring your attention inwards.


Which class at Ebb&Flow do I start with?

Every Tuesday we have led classes called Ashtanga Fundamentals between 6am-7am.  This class is a good way to begin if you like to be led by a teacher and learn the basics first.  It is for every level of student, great if you prefer a teacher to demonstrate each posture and if you are a total beginner you are most welcome to join us.  

On Thursday’s we have a Ashtanga Mysore class from 6am to 8am.  This class is unlike any of our other classes, mostly because we allow students to enter and depart the class at their choice.  If you can only manage a 20 min practice one day and a 60 min practice a week later, that’s the beauty of this class – you arrive and leave within your own time limits.  You have a teacher who is walking around to help their students, guide them, realign them.  The will whisper to you advice on new postures to add to your sequence for example so you can being to expand your practice.


Ebb&Flow Classes reminder:

Tuesday’s 6am to 7am     Ashtanga Fundamentals (led class)

Thursday’s 6am to 8am  Ashtanga Mysore (your own practice)