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Back to Home Page – Maltings Our safety measures in place at The Maltings

We have produced a Safety Handbook as an internal document for all our staff, teachers and volunteers.  


The Maltings lends itself to being such a great space for a safe, practical and friendly class with its huge ceiling height, the open air from outdoors coming from its 6 doors that we will open to keep the ventilation moving.


Please be sure to read all of these measures so that we can keep you and your fellow students safe:

  • Stay home if you have any of the following symptoms:⁠
    Cold symptoms, coughing, shortness of breath, elevated temperature or fever, or the sudden loss of taste and smell.⁠ If you live with someone who shows these symptoms, or who have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 within the past 21 days, please stay home as well.⁠

  • Changing rooms & valuables⁠
    As there are no changing room areas at The Maltings, please ensure you are changed and ready to take your class.  Valuables like handbags and phones can be taken into the class with you but please for the comfort of all the students turn off your phone during class.

  • Bring your own mat⁠ and props⁠
    Please bring your own mat, blocks and props.⁠  No equipment is going to be available at The Maltings for Yoga classes.

  • Timing⁠
    Arrive 15 minutes before the class starts at the earliest, and please leave right after your class ends so we can avoid having too many people in and around The Maltings, Great Hall.

  • One way flows
    When you arrive, the toilets are located just off the Foyer, please use them before going to the Great Hall, this will mean you won’t be going against the traffic as we have tried to put in place a one way flow for everyone’s safety.

  • Use the hand sanitiser available & wash your hands⁠
    Make sure to use the hand sanitiser when you walk in and please wash your hands after you’ve used the bathroom.⁠

  • Keep 2-metre distance⁠
    While at Ebb&Flow at The Maltings, keep a safe and respectful distance from other students, teachers, and hosts. This starts when you walk in the door to check in. When you enter The Maltings, follow the marks on the floor, and use the designated spots in the Great Hall to place your mat.
  • Changes to check-in
    Please allow our hosts to check you in so that you don’t touch the screens.  We prefer that our studio hosts will do this for you.

  • What to bring ?
    Please don’t forget to bring a Yoga Mat, any props you may require for each class.  But also we suggest you bring a warmer layer of clothing that can be peeled off if you get too hot.  The Great Hall is a large airy space, with lots of ventilation but with this in mind you may feel chilly if you aren’t moving.

  • Our teachers will guide you with care and awareness
    During your practice, your teacher will maintain where possible the 2-metre distance. There will also be no physical adjustments.

  • Cleaning in between classes
    We will make sure to clean the temporary studios thoroughly in between classes in order to create clean spaces where you can truly relax.

  • Why will we use our yoga mats as markers?
    Our Yoga mats will be laid onto the floor for you prior to your class where appropriate.  These are MARKERS ONLY and cannot be used just on their own.  Please bring your mat from home still. This way we can all be sure that everyone is 2m distance from each other.  We will clean our mats with a special RAPID 10 sanitiser spray system that is used by the healthcare sector to clean ambulances and hospitality sector for cleaning public areas to ensure our mats are super clean each class.

  • Keep us updated:
    We need everyone to update their contact details especially Email, Mobile and Emergency Contact Information please via our Ebb&Flow app.  Instructions on how to do this on our app are here. CLICK HERE

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  • We’re in this together.  Be kind, spread love & stay connected⁠
    We’re so very happy to see you all again, however, we will have to miss the hugs and stay connected over a friendly smile. Let’s focus on the little things we can do that keep us all healthy and happy.

Enjoy your practice 🙂