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“For me, my yoga practice has always been about more than the physical postures, in fact I think what first attracted me to yoga was stepping onto a path of personal and spiritual development. My interest, and use of the Chakras in my practice, really stemmed from this, knowing that if we are able to understand ourselves as “energy in motion” then we can begin to understand the very essence of life itself.”

So what are the Chakras, and how can focusing on them in your yoga practice be useful?

Chakras create and maintain our energy, they are at the very core of our existence, and once you begin to understand the principles of the chakras you will have tools to enhance your physical health and well being. Learning how to work with the chakras can balance and energise your body, mind and spirit. Offering healing on a physical level, many ailments are released as energy is enabled to flow more freely through the body. 

The seven major chakras radiate out from different points along the spine, running from the base to the top our heads. Each workshop will form a ladder of ascension through the seven major chakras, focusing specifically on each one.

What’s this Root Chakra Workshop about?

Our first workshop, looks to align the Root Chakra (Muladhara). Located at the base of the spine, it is directly linked to the Earth element and represents our ability to feel grounded and stable in our life. It can affect your sense of security, family relationships and your own relationship with your body. 

During the workshop we will concentrate on a centred and grounded practice, drawing energy from the earth and taping into the stability of this chakra, allowing a calm and steady energy to flow. Incorporating lots of strong poses to fire up the legs and build heat before coming to a rooted balancing series, we hope to build confidence & strength on and off our mat. Balancing the root chakra helps to overcome feelings of insecurity and release your anxiety, whilst giving you the strength to commit and achieve your goals. 


2nd February (Saturday) 

12 noon to 2pm 


Beginners Level


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