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This four week fundamental course, is suitable for absolute beginners, refreshers or returners to Pilates. 

In each 75 min class, Dawn will teach you the Pilates method: how to engage and isolate individual muscles, activate your core more effectively and how to move with more control and precision using the breath.

This will bring a more core-aligned practice to any class that you take whether it’s Pilates or Yoga and is equally effective in the gym, on the golf course or even whilst gardening.

The benefits of Pilates include better posture, a feeling of more length in the spine, stretching the body and mind as well as building overall strength, balance and wellbeing for a better balanced body.

Each person will receive a practice manual, helping you with home practice and a clever reminder of the movements you have learned.


Course Curriculum:

Week One

  • Learn the ABC of Pilates – Alignment, Breath, Control. Introducing lateral breathing and overview of the core and its relation to breath. Addressing posture and spinal alignment and the correlation of the trunk and limbs. Learn how to move with control, the isolation and activation of muscles to make the exercises most effective.

Week Two

  • Learn how to set up and align for each Pilates exercise with precise placement of the spine and pelvis. Exercises will be coordinated with moving one body part with an awareness of the whole body. Exercises based in a supine position (lying on back) to include 100, bridge, hip rolls, roll up, leg circles, rolling back. An opening and closing phase to the main practice.

Week Three

  • Building on a more fluid practice with exercises that flow gracefully from one to the next. This week will be focused on side lying and seated to include side kick, side bend, saw, spine twist and spine stretch. An opening and closing phase to the main practice.

Week Four

  • Bringing together all of the Pilates principles; alignment, breath, control, fluidity, precision, concentration and centring for a complete practice. Exercises this week will be focused on a prone position; swan, swimming, leg pull front, single and double leg kick. An opening and closing phase to the main practice.

How many people are in the class?

Only 10 students maximum.  A private group class setting allows for more in depth learning and communication with the teacher.

How much is it?

£75 for 4 classes of 75 minutes.  Purchased in blocks of 4 weeks.  If you miss a class, no credit can be given.  We recommend you complete all 4 weeks so the you can progress to our ‘open’ timetable with a Discovery Pass.

10% discount will be given to all students purchasing a class pack once their Discovery Pass has been used.

When are they?

We are adding more courses for everyone all the time so it’s best to check out the course page by pressing Sign Up below – all our current courses will be listed.

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Each course will require a minimum of 4 students to commence.

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