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Dawn will help you find new ways to connect with your core, exploring both mat work and reformer on the mat. Balance, coordination and control is explored using modified exercises that create variety and add a challenge to any Pilates practice.

We will roll and release tension in our muscles as well as restore healthy fascia, the connective tissue surrounding our muscles, joints and tendons, to encourage pain free movement.

This course is equally good for guys and gals, desk dwellers, fit or not fit, however some Pilates experience is required, and this course is not suitable for absolute beginners, those who are pregnant or have any spinal issues such as osteoporosis.


Course Curriculum:

Week One

  • An introduction to using the roller, working on core stability, stretches and balance. This week is a restorative session to release any tension in the body with exercises that will unwind your body and recharge your senses.

Week Two

  • This week we will work on stretches for shoulders, releasing tension around the neck area too. More strengthening exercises for the core stabiliser muscles of the spine and hip flexors to create a strong and supple spine. Finishing off with some massage for thighs and knees using the roller, particularly useful to runners or clients with tightness or pain in the legs.

Week Three

  • More core stabiliser exercises for the spine plus obliques, abdominals and hip flexors. Little bit more of neck and shoulder stretches (we can never get enough of these) plus some back stretching, great for the posterior aspect of the shoulder joint. Exercises to strengthen the abs and hip flexors (again) whilst challenging coordination, balance and control.

Week Four

  • Challenging coordination, balance and control whilst strengthening abs, hip flexors, hamstrings, glutes and upper body strength, including chest. Not sure there’s anything we have missed out on this course so make sure you attend!

How many people are in the class?

Only 10 students maximum.  A private group class setting allows for more in depth learning and communication with the teacher.

How much is it?

£75 for 4 classes across 4 weeks.  Purchased in blocks of 4 weeks.  If you miss a class, no credit can be given.  We recommend you complete all 4 weeks so you can progress to our ‘open’ timetable with a Discovery Pass.

10% discount will be given to all students purchasing a class pack once their Discovery Pass has been used.

When are they?

We are adding more courses for everyone all the time so it’s best to check out the course page by pressing Sign Up below – all our current courses will be listed.

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Each course will require a minimum of 4 students to commence.

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