Ebb & Flow -

New to Ebb&Flow?

Special offers: choose your introductory offer.

We are a very beginner friendly studio, our new members to our community can experience 5 classes for the price of 3.  This offer lasts for 3 weeks so why not give it a go.

During your introductory period we encourage you to discover our studios, why everyone’s talking about Yoga, its positive effects & why it can have a big impact on your life.  Then mix in some Pilates and Barre classes into your week and most importantly change the way you feel.

At the end of the new member offer, we recommend our 3 month membership package. This is certainly the way to go if you are intending on practicing at the studio 2 or more times a week. 

Ebb&Flow drop in


Applies to all classes and styles
Pay when you book a class 

New Member Offer


5 classes for the price of 3  plus a 25 minute consultation if required

Valid for 3 weeks from date of purchase


Practicing more than once a week?

Memberships are better value

Each membership package is on a rolling auto-pay monthly payment scheme.  We recommend these to those students who plan to come more than twice a week.

Ready reckoner:

  • £16 x 8 (twice a week) = £128
  • £16 x 12 (three times a week) = £192
  • £16 x 16 (four times a week) = £256
As and when? 

Class packs

When your lifestyle demands it, we all need time to fit other things into our lives.   It’s sometimes the only way you can fit everything in and we know that.  Class Packs are flexible and manageable.

We offer three options:  5, 10 & 20 Class Packs.