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Q & A’s that will help you:




  • Can I book my class and how far in advance⁠?
    Reserve your classes 7 days in advance via www.ebbflowyoga.co.uk or using the app. Government guidelines ask us not to take bookings with out advance notice so we can collect all your contact details.⁠ You will be able to cancel your booking up to twelve hours before the class begins.

  • How will I book into the classes?
    Use the Ebb&Flow Mindbody App like before or login here on this website (see the bottom of each page).  Alternativelydownload the app right here.

  • How much notice to cancel a class ?
    As before, its 12 hours notice please.

  • Waitlists
    The waitlists will operate as normal, we have increased the available spaces on our waitlists than normal, only to help us understand the popularity of each class when we are in the re-opening stage.  Don’t worry if you are a long way down a waitlist, we will use this information to help us add another class to the schedule as we go! 

  • What happens if I arrive late for class?
    Just as we did before we temporarily closed, please be sure to arrive 10-15 mins before each class start time.  We can’t accept students who are late to class.  Even by one minute.  Why?  because once the class has started, the teacher has closed the doors to reception and as we are operating the studio for the time being without a reception host i.e. no body else will be there to help you.


  • Bring your own mat⁠ and props⁠
    Please bring your own mat, blocks and props.⁠  No equipment for Yoga is going to be available.  We cannot let you practice using our equipment due to the guidelines from the Government.  We will have Ex Demo mats and Mat Towels for sale from £10 

  • All Pilates classes
    Bring your mat 

  • Changing rooms & valuables⁠, shoes
    We cannot use the changing rooms at our studio, please ensure you are changed and ready to take your class.  Valuables need to be left with your shoes in reception at your own risk, bear in mind we have CCTV in reception.  Please do not take phones into the studio. 

  • Don’t forget water!⁠
    Please bring some water with you.  We cant provide it due to the regulations, so best to bring your own sports bottle.

  • Timing⁠
    Arrive 15 minutes before the class starts at the earliest, and please leave right after your class ends so we can avoid having too many people in the same premises.


  • Use the hand sanitiser available & wash your hands⁠
    Make sure to use the hand sanitiser at the top of the stairs, and when you leave and please wash your hands after you’ve used the bathroom.⁠

  • Social Distancing⁠
    While at Ebb&Flow please keep a safe and respectful distance from other students, teachers, and hosts.
  • Changes to check-in
    Please allow our teachers to check you in so that you don’t touch the screens!



  • Refreshments
    We will not be selling refreshments for the time being, so be sure to bring water with you please.


* * * * * * * * * 


  • We’re in this together.  Be kind, spread love & stay connected⁠
    We’re so very happy to see you all again, however, we will have to miss the hugs and stay connected over a friendly smile. Let’s focus on the little things we can do that keep us all healthy and happy.

Enjoy your practice 🙂