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jason pooley


Lead Trainer & Course Creator

alex manos


eva thomson


Jason is the Founder of The House of Yoga London and creator of Ignite Your Passion 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, and has facilitated and assisted on many global training programmes and has been an influential part of the growth and development of THoY. He has a unique and skilled approach when it comes to inspiring his students and challenging them to a new level of excellence in their life.

Jason is a student of life, he continues his own personal development and loves seeing his students grow and become the best they can be.


A Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Alex has spent the majority of his career in professional sport, working with elite athletes. Alex completed his 200hr Teacher Training programme at THoY and uses yoga as part of his rehab for patients.

Alex is currently completing his Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching; combining all three disciplines, physiotherapy, yoga and coaching allows for a holistic approach to his care of people. With his passion for helping people, Alex is excited to join the facilitation team to deliver applied anatomy for yoga.


Eva is dedicated to the practice of various yoga styles and lineages, having first trained as a Yoga Teacher in India where she worked and lived alongside her teachers and Ayurvedic doctors and still returns each year.

Eva is one of two co-founders for Live Karma Yoga (LKY), a not for profit community which breaks down barriers and brings people together from all backgrounds (prisoners, complex needs, mental health, vulnerable, affluent, government services).

Having exposure to practicing teaching and training people across a diverse range of communities, Eva has witnessed the power of utilising Yoga Philosophy as a practice to celebrate equality, create progressive reform and social change. Eva is a big breather believer and offers classes that encourage people to breathe, move and observe consciously, which honours the philosophy of yoga in a relevant way, for living well.