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My life from an early age has been about sports…

Growing up horse riding and playing every sport her parents could fit in around the horses, Alex’s happy place is understandably founded on adventure, being outdoors and surrounded by animals and nature with her family and friends. By her late teens her fascinations for mountains had grown and she knew she needed to get out there and explore. 

This lead to a complete passion for all mountain-based sports, especially backcountry skiing! Unfortunately, this is a high-risk sport which ended with a serious ankle break and a couple of surgeries… Luckily some of Alex’s pro-skier friends pushed her to introduce yoga into her rehab plan, and her world changed from that moment forward. Not only did she instantly see an increase in the speed of her recovery, but when she finally got back to doing sport she noticed an improvement in her performance level too! Most of all, the way she was now seeing and receiving things in everyday life was changing.

“Yoga has changed my perspective and the way I interact with the world and all beings around me, it has brought peace, openness and integrity into all that I do.”

Alex wanted to help spread these teachings and has since gone on to train in 200hr Vinyasa with Nico Luce, 100hr Yin with Adam Stonebraker and now has her own business: YOM (Yoga, Oceans & Mountains) retreats. YOM is a yoga and adventure company that connects like-minded people and brings joy into their lives. 

After spending the last decade travelling, living and teaching all over the world in places such as Canada, France, Bali and Japan it was time for Alex to come home to her family and friends, so at the end of 2019 she returned to live in Godalming with her partner Caspar and their giant dog Fettle. You can find her teaching Vinyasa, Flow & Restore and Yin classes on our weekly schedule where she encourages you to explore within your own body, find freedom in movement and most of all smile and find joy within your practice.

“Each day is an opportunity to learn and grow, let’s do this together on our mats.”


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If you are curious or have any questions please feel free to contact Ebb&Flow and we look forward to seeing you in class!