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I have always had a passion for movement.

Growing up with a love for dancing and spending most of my teens competing on stage, I was always on the go. I soon found myself caught in a downward spiral, striving to achieve perfection in an industry that asks for nothing less. I really did find yoga at the time I needed it most and as my love for dancing began to fade, yoga slowly became a more significant part of my life. Following the completion of my A-levels, I decided to skip university and travel.

I spent the next 18 months working as an international flight attendant, travelling the world and loving every moment. I saw places I never dreamed I would and ticked off so many “Bucket List” moments.

 Needing a sense of grounding, I switched jobs to enable me to have more time at home. At this point I was ‘practicing’ every day, learning so much and becoming extremely passionate about yoga. I went on Ebb&Flow’s Portugal retreat, and it became clear that yoga was what I wanted to do for a career. I soon caught the travel bug again and found myself taking the plunge to complete my yoga teacher training in Nicaragua.

My teacher training was simply amazing. My perspective shifted on so many aspects of my life and I had never felt so at home. On my return, I was lucky enough to jump straight into teaching with the incredible family at Ebb&Flow.

Through my own experience, I have learned that yoga is such an invaluable tool for finding balance between mind, body and soul. It has very much become a part of who I am, and I am so grateful for everything that yoga continues to teach me.

Grace is one of the core team members at Ebb&Flow and you’ll often spot her either teaching Hatha classes or smiling behind reception!

She has been invaluable at helping the team transition from our much loved (and currently missed!) physical studio to our virtual one over at EbbFlowYoga.TV, and now back again to The Maltings.


Join Grace for our weekly community class via our virtual studio on Saturday 1st August!

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