Ebb & Flow -

Kate is our new friendly face that you might spot in the studio! As our newest team member her principal role is to provide  “welcoming smile and friendly greeting” as soon you enter the studio.  Kate will be there, checking you into your classes, helping you with your queries and working alongside Katy to ensure everyone has a great experience.

Please do say hello to Kate when you drop in, she would love to get to know you all well…

A bit about Kate…

In her spare time she likes to go on adventures, travel and to rock climb (both indoor and outdoors), with a swim in the sea to finish! She’s a family girl, foodie and loves a spot of Karaoke…in that she doesn’t need to be asked twice!

She intends to start her Reiki training in the new year, as she’s always been interested in the holistic side of yoga and holistic, natural, wellness therapies, making her the perfect addition to our team! Her passion for supporting children and young adults with additional needs means that ideally she will combine this training with a focus on mental health, and explore that avenue further in the future.

With all this adventure spirit and a curiosity and desire to learn and develop her own knowledge further, we are sure she’ll be spending a lot of time at Ebb&Flow and grow to be an important part of our wonderful community!

Kate is very approachable and always happy to help, so make sure to say hello next time you’re in the studio and introduce yourself before or after class – she’s really looking forward to meeting you all!