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Henrietta Norton, the founder of Wild Nutrition changed the course of her life when she was diagnosed with ‘chronic’ Endometriosis in her twenties. She suffered excruciating pain where she would pass out, the doctors told her that she would never have children. She saw a specialist nutritionist for Women’s Health. She now has 3 strong, healthy boys.

Jill, Ebb&Flow’s founder went to visit Henrietta and her husband Charlie at their Head Quarters to really understand the product range, its claims and the founders that sit at the heart of the company.  Jill’s daughter, Katy has for the last 5 or so years suffered from digestive problems and it wasn’t until Katy tried Wild Nutrition’s products (having tried many others)  she felt pure relief that she had found a solution to a 5 year issue. 

‘Hen’ has helped so many ladies, ranging from fertility and stress to symptoms connected to the menopause. She even became a nutritional practitioner in two Harley Street clinics, then as a nutrition supplement formulator for some of the biggest brands in Europe. Her story is inspirational.

She set about intense research, she knew what she wanted to achieve, the benefits of Food-Grown® supplements was clear, essential nutrients combined and grown in live food to create a nutrient-rich food complex that the body can absorb easily and use effectively.

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