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Which teacher?

Lou Hedderly – Yoga teacher

Lou’s nurturing and caring personality is ideal to guide you through your first Yoga experience.  She teaches our Vinyasa Flow, Restorative and Hot Flow here at the studio. Full of kindness and compassion, she’s a brilliant Yoga teacher who will help you to formulate a plan for the session so you are able to understand your body, revitalise your energy and strengthen your soul. 

Katy Simpson – Yoga and Barre Teacher 

Katy teaches Yoga Sculpt, Flow & Restore, Yin, Yoga Nidra, Barre & Vinyasa classes. Having taught more than 900 beginner students she’s ideal if you’re starting out.  If you are looking for progression expect your one-to-one class to be dynamic and challenging as she takes you through the sequences. She likes to revitalise your mood and build on your energy levels.

What is a One to One?

Your health journey is personal – there is no single solution that works for everybody.  Through working with your private instructor you will experience a tailored and unique approach to achieving your wellbeing and fitness goals – and leave you seriously relaxed in the process.  Whether you are a complete beginner or looking to expand on your current practice, we know that private yoga or barre classes will benefit you.

Yoga – Perhaps you’re looking for more flexibility and mobility for longevity, postures for strengthening lower back aches and pains, rehabilitation after an operation, de-stress breathing techniques or energising flows ideal for depression.   It’s a pre-planned lesson just for you, tailored to your ability.  Nobody else gets to see what you can or can’t do.

Barre – Whether your new to Barre and want to perfect the basics ready for your first class or you’ve reached a plateau, your body isn’t changing and you feel progression is slow.  Let us create a plan to build your 

How much does it cost?

It’s £80 for a one to one lesson lasting one hour or £90 for 2-5 people.  Sometimes it’s less intimidating to come with a friend?  Or a group of friends for a party, celebration or surprise! All valid for 12 months.

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How to purchase a One to One ?
  1. Select an Appointment Type – Do you require a private or group appointment?
  2. Choose a teacher – if you don’t mind which teacher then choose ‘All instructors’
  3. Request a date by click on the date – the date will turn ‘Pink’ 
  4. Press the SEARCH button
  5. Click on the time you prefer OR choose another date if there’s no appointments available 
  6. Login with your email address and password or ‘Register ‘with us
  7. Then purchase the appointment credit and your appointment is booked!


What is it?

Maybe you would like to learn about yoga or barre? or you’ve been told that your posture is bad?  Do you hide at the back of the Yoga class or stay furthest away from the teacher?

If  you’re intimidated by everyone else, creaking and groaning your way through several poses you don’t understand then meeting in a private class for an hour just to yourself will make a real difference.

Taking one-on-one lessons helps improvement, can build tone and sculpt your body and create a confidence that makes attending the regular classes so much more rewarding.   The teacher will adjust your posture, explaining techniques and giving you exercises to practise at home.

Each One-to-One will be tailored specifically for you, our teachers will focus your session(s) in a framework that will ensure you get the most from them.  They will challenge and support you, so that you are getting the most out of your workout together.

What’s it actually like?

Easily one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.  A good instructor is like magic, they will talk you through each yoga pose, explaining the theory behind it and making sure your posture is exactly right.  The session can be tailored exactly to your strengths and weaknesses, which means you don’t feel too embarrassed when your hip keeps cramping up during a set of deep asanas or your legs burn out before the end of a Barre class!

Over the hour, you can concentrate fully on the fundamental techniques.  If you then chose to do any more yoga or barre after this, you’ll be building on solid foundations and after your One to One, we’ll be surprised if you aren’t keen to do more.

Best and worst bit

Towards the end you will practised some relaxation exercises, which are just flat-out amazing. The worst part? You’ll probably not be able to hide the fact that you are basically asleep!

Is it worth it?


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