Ebb & Flow -

Hello! I’m Katy…

A sister to Rachel and a daughter to Jill, who is starting this wonderful journey right alongside me to create Ebb&Flow here in Farnham.

This has to be one of the most rewarding chapters of my life so far, I am so excited to be helping to create such an incredible space in Farnham.  So let me share with you my life story up until today… 

Throughout my teenage years my family lived in York where I attended an all-girls school in the city centre, once a week we had a yoga session, I didn’t fall in love with it but it was the first taste of something that freed me from my worries and allowed me to relax and exercise in a completely different way. Over the next few years, I slowly moved away from the hard-core gym classes and started mixing up Yoga, Pilates & Barre to release my energy, tone my body and find contentment in the present moment.

Additionally, practicing yoga has also freed me from anxiety and helped me control my emotions toward my mind’s connection with my continuing battle with IBS.

After graduating from the University of Edinburgh, I decided to completely change my career path and carry on learning about my love for Yoga and Mindfulness by completing my teacher training in India, closely followed by a Yoga for Teens (12-23 years) intensive training course by the inspiring world-renowned teacher, Charlotte Martinus.  The mental and physical well-being of young adults and teens is something truly close to my heart and an area I am excited to develop at the studio with workshops and classes specially designed for teens.

Hello! I’m Jill…

Also known as Katy’s Mum, my career started back in year 2000 when as a single Mum, I set up a start-up corporate events company, taking groups to far away places for incentives and meetings.  I spent years rushing around trying to be the best parent I could be, the best event organiser but also feeling like I wasn’t quite able to be 100% at either. I sold this events company and then decided to purchase a small run-down hotel in Yorkshire.

After spending what felt like the GDP of a small country on The Feversham Arms & Verbena Spa, I  teamed up with the then MD of Le Manior aux Quat’Saisons and together we developed a 33 bedroomed property which won the UK’s Best hotel in England, voted by the AA.  The spa was accredited by Vogue, Harpers and Tatler as one of their top 100 in the world.  All this in turn took its toll on my health so I decided to sell the Hotel in 2013. I hadn’t been looking after myself and I realised I needed to exercise more, so I joined a local running club in my late 30’s and loved it.  My body was often stiff and in need of some deep stretching to help it cope with the pounding on the roads so I attended classes at the local Yoga & Pilates studio.  I loved the deep stretch sessions, it worked in harmony with my running, and the breathing exercises helped relieve any anxiety and feelings of pressure.

It’s funny how one door closes but another one opens as they say. So now Katy and I have embarked on this journey together and we are hoping to gain lots of friends, meet like minded souls and create a community that enjoys the things we do. It’s intended as a mix of luxury spa meets yoga… we think you’ll like it.