Ebb & Flow -

Adult Ballet & Children’s Ballet Classes

It’s never too late to learn to dance! Our adult classes are accompanied by classical & modern music and are offered for complete beginners, improvers and advanced level.  These weekly classes will improve your fitness, technique, flexibility and posture.  They offer the absolute beginner the chance to try this elegant and body strengthening discipline often at a time when you had long given up Ballet from your childhood years. 

Advanced Ballet dancers please enquire with us, 01252 715933 as we offer one-to-ones with Natasha in our beautiful studio 2.  Natasha will plan your lesson to suit your level of experience and the areas your would like help with.

Natasha Trigg, a seasoned English National Ballet performer, with years of teachings knowledge, currently also teaches at Pineapple and Adidas studios in London- she can take you through her own 6 week progressive course that builds confidence and knowledge of this discipline.  

Latest Adult Ballet Courses are listed on our courses page

Ballet for Children

Our Ballet lessons & workshops are for children too.  In the various school holidays Natasha designs Nutcracker Workshops for the little ones and fun-filled ballet lessons for older children.  Go to our school holiday Children’s schedule page to see the latest workshops and lessons on offer.