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* Reduced price for 60+ students


  • 1 drop in class £10 (Normal price £16)
  • 10 class pack for £75
  • All classes are 60 mins in total
  • Classes specially planned for seniors
  • Complimentary herbal tea and fruit infused water
  • Complimentary professional mat hire & face towels.

As our bodies age, we tend to become more susceptible to common ailments, poor posture, lower back pain and general aches.  It is never too late to start enjoying Yoga classes with us, and regular practice is an excellent way to prolong great health, mobility and strength, whilst boosting the immune system and enhancing your ability to relax and feel in better all round health of mind and body.

Our NEW senior classes are open to both men and women at a specially reduced price of £10* (should be £16).  No experience of yoga necessary, your instructor will lead the class at a slow and steady pace which is planned to have postures and moves for the senior student.

*60 + students.

How to book?

Please give us a call 01252 715933 to book your first class, we will need to register you on our booking system to begin with, then we will help you how to book your first class.

When are the classes?

Friday         3.15pm to 4.15pm 

What is the age limit?

We prefer not to be too strict, we plan the classes to be slow and gentle. Perfect for an older person who wants to keep their body mobile and strong.  The reduced price per class is applicable to 60+ age but if you wanted to come and try it, even if you’re not 60+ thats fine too.


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