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Why choose Reformer Pilates?

Our reformer classes are the ULTIMATE workout for featuring all of the Pilates principles and fundamentals with applied spring resistance and stability challenge from the Pilates reformer machine. It’s the class that everyone is raving about and will transform your body and revolutionise your movement! The Pilates Reformer machine utilises springs, pulleys, straps and ropes and even a trampoline to create the ultimate resistance and stability challenge for your body and core.

Feel stronger, taller, leaner, toned and pain-free with our specialised group class of 6 students. 

Our Reformer Pilates class is for all levels; from beginners to experienced and will focus on the fundamentals of Reformer Pilates including control, stability, core activation, posture, strength and technique using a variety of exercises which can be specifically tailored to you by adjusting spring tension. With only 6 clients per class you will have maximum tailored instruction from your teacher to gain maximum benefit!

Please note the below class packs are only valid for Reformer Pilates classes and can not be used to attend matwork classes at the studio.

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Owen is the Co-Owner of Ebb&Flow and lives and breathes Pilates, Yoga & Meditation. With 20 years of teaching experience, his journey started in his birth country Australia and has evolved from the biomechanics of Pilates & yoga to a deeper spiritual & energetical practice and teaching style.

After owning several Pilates Reformer studios in Perth, Reformer is Owen’s favourite to teach and brings his love for biomechanics and pilates into every class he teaches. His classes are described as high energy, exuberant, exciting and uplifting and his ability to explain, adjust and help clients understand their bodies during class is his speciality. Owen explains his teaching as “a biomechanical science blended with ancient tradition & breath, blended with energetical practices that re-trains the mind, nourishes the body, draws in the spirit and activates the nervous system to self heal, gain strong, functional, pain-free movement and radiate your inner light”.

He concentrates on building a strong foundation of neuromuscular connection and core strength where he guides you to improve your posture and structural awareness through personalised cues, encouragement and above all, fun!

Jess is fully qualified Pilates Comprehensive Teacher including Reformer, Matwork & Pilates Studio Apparatus. She is also a Barre teacher and Level 3 Personal Trainer.

Jess originally trained as a professional dancer at Italia Conti, London and owned and ran her own Pilates Studio in the midlands for 7 years. On top of her outstanding dancing and teaching abilities Jess is a professional singer!!

Her passion for movement is second to none and it translates through her classes with exceptional energy and fun. We couldn’t be excited to have Jess on our team!