Ebb & Flow -



our studios are designed for you.

Not all studios have the style and layout of Ebb&Flow.  We looked around the South of England for literally months until we found this little gem.  We like to think we have created an accessible, stylish studio that will stand the test of time.

With a nod to the relaxing, de-stressing spa industry but certainly keeping our passion for all things Yoga, Pilates and Barre.

The architects and co-founders visited studios in Rome, Brussels and Amsterdam before settling on the design and flow of the space that allows you to leave the outside world behind.

The main studio is spacious, filled with light and fitted with technology you’ll find in the best places in New York, Melbourne or Tokyo.  Our changing rooms have space for individual showers, feet warming floors and soothing soundtracks.  The welcoming reception area greets you with a rather smart three quarter height desk, filled with ash-tree slices set amongst white epoxy resin, to the side is an area for you to help-yourself to mouth watering fruit infused waters or comforting teas.  The second studio, a more intimate area to offer specialist classes and workshops, is draped in light by its humongous Georgian windows.  All-in-all we hope we’ve made a treat that Farnham will take to their hearts.

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