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Charlie Anderson

Mindful Flow

Charlie will be guiding you through Mindful Flow, her classes are infused with yoga philosophy. Expect to leave the class learning something new about yourself and your understanding of yoga. 

Charlie’s Bio:

Charlie has been a practitioner of yoga since her late teens and teaching for the past five. For Charlie, yoga is a lifelong transformative practice that enables a soulful connection between mind, body and spirit which in turn facilitates joyful, authentic living. 

Her classes are strong and fun but mindful, infused with yoga philosophy. She encourages her students to own their yoga experience, to use their breath to reconnect their minds and body thus developing the strength, balance and freedom that yoga brings.

A very important part of her journey as a yoga teacher is to continue her journey as a student. She does this through self practice and self study, by attending classes, trainings and workshops, through reading and studying about yoga and related topics, and by living her yoga both on and off the mat.

Charlie holds a 500hr Level 4 Teacher Training Diploma with The British Wheel (tutored by Lyn Core) and a 35 hour Forrest Yoga Continuing Education for Teachers with Jambo Truong (taken in May 2016).