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Karen Eccles

Barre, Barre Intensity

Karen has been one of our executive ‘Barre’ advisors since 2019, her wealth of knowledge for all things Barre where her enviable Pilates training has played a large role to help us build a bespoke Barre Training Manual for all our Barre teachers to follow.  Karen also is the sounding board for our Barre teachers, providing them with refresher courses every quarter.

karen’s Bio:

We were over the moon when Karen agreed to join our team of instructors. She has trained with the Joseph Pilates Elders and created a solutions and results driven set of exercises for Beginners,  Intermediate and Advanced levels. A highly gifted, intelligent instructor. Karen delivers variety into classes for both Pilates and Barre at the studio.  She ensures you get a workout, combined with her attention to the individual ‘s needs of their varied medical and injury issues is outstanding.

Teaching Barre and Pilates with us, as well as various specialist courses and masterclass workshops in both disciplines.  She has a great rapour with her students which shows in her happy, friendly and fun classes.  Why not try her Pilates or Barre sessions, if you enjoy a good workout with fun at its core – give it a go!