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Katy Simpson

Co-Founder & Community Manager

All of our members know Katy!  She’s bubbly and never one to be shy!  Her role at Ebb&Flow as your Community Manager is to guide you through the studio experience helping you every step of the way. No question is a silly question, make sure to introduce yourself and get a great big hug.  A big believer in making a connection, her love of people always shines through.

As the daughter of Jill, she’s a co-founder – to be honest she’s the reason and catalyst for this project.  She loves to ensure everyone is having a great experience at the studio and it’s her job to create the community events and get-togethers.

Originally planning to be a graphic-designer, having graduated from Edinburgh in 2015.  She keeps her hand in and creates the stylish posters, stationery and branding you see around the studio.  Part of her day (and evening) will be dedicated to her love of teaching the beginners courses.  Since the start of our studio she has taught over 300 complete beginners!  Her Yoga and Barre teaching is her passion, so developing relationships with our members, especially the beginners will always be something that really matters to her.