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Katy Simpson

Flow & Restore, Yin, Yoga Nidra, Yoga Sculpt, Barre, Vinyasa

Katy teaches Yoga Sculpt, Flow & Restore, Barre & Vinyasa classes. Expect each class to be full to the brim with smiles as you move through the sequences. She likes to revitalise your mood and build on your energy levels, working with her signature soundtracks

Katy’s Bio:

Katy found yoga as a tool to manage anxiety and stress throughout her teenage years, initially using it as a form of exercise, Katy soon realised the calming effect it had on her nervous system. A few years later, Katy completed her Vinyasa Flow & Ashtanga Teacher Training in Goa, India, followed by an intensive and inspiring training week in Yoga for Teens & Young Adults with the world-renowned Charlotta Martinus.

In 2019 Katy decided to train in Yin Yoga with the famous Norman Blair, where she studied all about how the body moves, the anatomy and understanding of Muscle-skeletal structures.  She also furthered her knowledge in Meditation as well as advanced modifying of postures, use of props and how to make Yin yoga a dynamic movement practice available to all body types thus being accessible to everyone.

Every class Katy teaches is grounded with an intention and taught with authenticity, humility and the notion of being kind towards yourself. Expect to move to the music as you flow to a carefully curated playlist, building up a heat in the body as you feel challenged and invigorated.

She’s found a new love for Barre teaching too, working with students in private one-to-ones as well as main Barre Classes she likes to concentrate on technique with tiny, but effective movements that really do make a whole lot of difference.  Teaching you how to “tuck under” for example – engaging your core and keeping your body still while doing small movements, so you’re truly targeting the muscles you’re working.

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