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Linda Stephens

Pre Natal

A busy mum of three, she is well placed to understand how life can be all about juggling.  Yoga has helped Linda personally on so many levels and is now a cornerstone of her life.  She leads our Pre Natal Classes to share the benefits of this ancient science with other busy Pregnant Ladies in this special way.  Having completed her 450hr of Yoga training with some of Sydney’s most senior teachers, she then undertook a year long pre and post natal diploma with the International Yoga Teachers Association.  Extremely experienced she is what we would call a Senior Yoga Teacher.

linda’s Bio:

Her passion for women’s health is clear to see when you meet Linda.  She dedicates her time to  teaching women of any age how to get the most out of their bodies and to still those buzzing minds.  As a specialist Pre Natal teacher her own experiences have really helped her understand all that women go through being pregnant. Her third child child wanted to make an appearance at just 24wks!  She was put on strict bedrest for four months to save the pregnancy (her biggest yoga practice to date!)

She explains “Because of atrophied muscles, my pubic bone split at 31 weeks when I tried to get up suddenly. Argh!!!”  She initially was unable to walk, there in started her research and rehabilitation and she managed to not only birth naturally but also heal herself completely.
How amazing is that story..