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Lou Hedderly

Vinyasa, Flow & Restore

Lou’s nurturing personality is ideal to guide you through your first Yoga experience.  She teaches our Vinyasa Yoga and Flow & Restore here at the studio. Full of kindness and compassion, she’s a brilliant teacher who will help you to understand your body, revitalise your energy and strengthen your soul. Lou is also our Studio Manager so you will no doubt see her for a chat before your class.

Lou’s Bio:

Lou began practising yoga to reduce the symptoms of stress that were beginning to show in her busy career and lifestyle. She was surprised how quickly the positive changes appeared within her overall well-being and the incredible benefits yoga provided. In 2015, Lou made the decision to leave her career in Marketing and Advertising and started a new chapter of her life. She travelled to Costa Rica to complete her immersive teacher training in Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative yoga.

Lou teaches an energy filled class with flowing sequences set to music. She will guide you whilst placing an emphasis on your breathing, focusing the mind, stretching and challenging the body. She will encourage you to be present and kind to yourself whilst finding your individual balance of strength, fluidity and inner stillness, both on and off the mat.