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Course overview.

A worldwide Recognised cpd qualification: 25 hours yoga alliance, global

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You will learn

  • The intention behind your assists
  • How to use your body safely and powerfully to assist your students
  • How to deliver a wide range of assists using the Vinyasa Power sequence as a base
  • How to cue self assists for online classes
  • How to encourage prop usage among students as a way to self assist
  • How to assist without interrupting the vinyasa
  • How to assist a teacher as an assistant and in a team of assistants

cpd Training investment £425*

You must have completed, or be on your way to completing, your 200hr Teacher Training and have completed your assisting module within the training.

This intensive programme is designed for yoga teachers that are passionate about enhancing their teaching skills by learning how to connect with students through the healing power of touch.

During this programme you will gain confidence in applying a wide range of yoga assists that can be applied to the Vinyasa system (many of which are transferable to other styles of yoga). Through developing your skill at delivering assists you will enhance your teaching practice as a whole.

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course dates

The training will take place across a full weekend, with an additional 5 hours of preparatory work to be completed before the start of the course.

14th January 2023
Weekend Immersion (8am-6pm)
Garden Gallery, farnham
15th January 2023
Weekend Immersion (8am-5:30pm)
Garden Gallery, farnham
Tactile communication can be a highly effective way of translating your instructions directly into the student’s body. The art of assisting, however, is not just about hands-on assists, it is about how you see your students, and how you communicate with them to expand their awareness and their practice. Assists have the power to create more space for our students, more openness, more stability, more satisfaction, more fun or more freedom. Ultimately hands-on assists have the ability to open your students’ awareness to what is possible in their practice!

A student of yoga since 2007, and a teacher since 2016. Maryann is a 500-hour yoga teacher, trained mainly in Baptiste Power Vinyasa. She has also taken on additional training in Yin, Mandala and NuPower. In addition to teaching classes across London, Maryann also facilitates trainings and mentorship groups for new and experienced teachers.

Maryann is passionate about sharing this practice so that we can live more fully and helping fellow teachers maximise their potential. Off the mat, you’ll find Maryann walking her tiny dachshund, Wilson, spinning on the Peloton or in the midst of a DIY project at her halfway renovated London home.

Emma’s yoga journey began at THoY, volunteering at the reception not long after the Putney studio first opened its doors, nearly 10 years ago. She quickly became an integral part of the studio as Leader of Success running a strong team and bringing yoga and transformation to hundreds of people. Throughout her years at the studio she continued her studies of Vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga, hands-on assisting and personal development as well as expanding the training programmes at the studio.

After taking a short time away from the studio to focus on growing her own family she returns to the area that she is most passionate about; yoga training programmes. She coaches her students to find their fullest expression and step into their personal power.


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Why train with us?

We don’t enrol lots of students and are dedicated to small class sizes to offer each student the best connection with your trainer. 

  • Small and intimate class sizes
  • Focus on self-development as a yoga teacher
  • Through passion & connection we create a strong graduate community
  • Teach, teach, teachstep into your fear; all students will teach regularly

What are the application requirements?

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have completed, or be on your way to completing, your 200hr Teacher Training and have completed your assisting module within the training.
  • Complete application* for admission
  • Submit an application fee (deposit) of £100 (applied towards tuition, non-refundable and only required upon application approval)
  • Make payment of all fees no later than 10 days prior to the start of your course
  • Read through and agree to the terms and conditions (actionable through your application form)
  • Have an open heart and commit fully to the training

*Please note that application to the programme does not guarantee acceptance.

What's your refund policy?

  • The application fee of £100 is non-refundable except in the case of a declined application
  • This programme is non refundable except in the event of unexpected medical circumstances (minus application fee/deposit)
  • No refunds will be made after the programme start date