Ebb & Flow -

“Mental fitness is just like physical fitness…”

We can proactively build a healthy routine in exactly the same way; it can help with stress, burnout, overwhelm, uncertainty, imposter syndrome whilst also helping you to:

  • Realise your full potential by capitalising on your strengths
  • Build stronger, deeper, and healthier relationships
  • Reclaim hours in the day by creating direction and clarity
  • Develop skills to cope with life’s challenges
  • Feel centred and confident in your decisions

Amy is a qualified Wellbeing Psychologist. She believes that proactive, emotional fitness for mental health should be as common, accessible, and mainstream as going to the gym or attending an exercise class. 

Her mission is to enhance sustainable living by equipping people with what they need to feel their best, and cope with life’s inevitable challenges. 

Her approach combines coaching, counselling, wellbeing psychology, and psychodynamic theory. She helps people strengthen their mental fitness through 1:1 sessions and group classes. 

1:1 Sessions

For an in-depth and customised approach to your individual wellbeing with 1:1 support and focus. Just as a personal trainer helps you find the right routine and keeps you accountable, the same is true for Amy’s 1:1 sessions.

Multi-buy sessions are also available at discounted rates.

£70 – Book

Group Classes

To build mental fitness and community, group classes help you feel a little less alone. Just as exercise classes provide communal fun and accountability, the same is true for mental fitness workout classes.

Monthly class membership is also available at a discounted rate.

£12 – Book

All sessions are available both in person at Ebb&Flow and online.

Amy’s sessions are based on the 8 characteristics of mental fitness…

Self Awareness

Understanding your thoughts, feelings and behaviours


Being yourself, and understanding why it matters


Finding your values to determine direction


Understanding the emotions of others


Developing your ability to act in accordance with your values and goals


Finding what makes you truly happy


Building skills and resources to cope with challenges


Creating and maintaining moment to moment awareness