Ebb & Flow -

Treatment Room Hire

We offer three therapy rooms for hire at Ebb&Flow. These are ideal for therapists offering physiotherapy, osteopathy, holistic treatments, yoga therapy, massage and healing therapies.

Each room has central heating, in-room music and dimmable lighting.  All the rooms are cleaned by our in-house professional company.

Our rooms are fully equipped with:

  • A treatment bed 
  • Tissues
  • Couch roll 
  • Antibacterial wipes

Prices: £20 per hour* with a complimentary 15 mins break between hours if required.

Therapy rooms are available by the hour, please contact the Ebb&Flow Team, or ring 01252 715933 to have a chat about our availability.

*Please note we are currently only accepting regular hiring requests with a minimum of a 2 hour booking slot (same day). This means you would have the same therapy slot ongoing on a weekly basis.