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Sometimes, do you feel out of tune with yourself?

At Ebb&Flow Yoga in Farnham we have been overwhelmed by the popularity of  the workshops where we teach yoga and help women balance their hormones.  Our instructors for this workshop are truly talented. 

Meet Laura, a sister to twin brothers, she went to a boarding school with a 70/30 split boys to girls.  Latterly her workplaces were dominated by men, where she rushed around at 100mph trying to keep all the balls in the air, and became out of tune with herself.   Laura, is our Pre Natal Yoga teacher but she loves to teach Women’s Health Yoga.  Aged 34 she decided to qualify as a yoga teacher, loved it so much she left her job to teach her passion full time, she came off the pill, fell pregnant and instantly was awakened to her cycle that she had been ignoring for 16 years!

The teachings of Yoga will allow you to learn so much about reconnecting with the seasons of the earth, which Laura likes to infuse into her classes, and within prenatal yoga.  During each session she helps guide my students towards connecting with their bodies, their energy, and learning how they can’t show up to life the same each day – but that’s ok!  

The Benefits of Women’s Health Yoga

Your Yoga practice can be adapted throughout the month according to your cycle to best serve your energy, or adapted to the season of the year, or to your life stage. The benefits of Yoga & meditation can be huge, including calming our nervous system, helping us to become present through pranayama breath work, (which in turn reduces stress), body awareness, improved strength and flexibility, and much more. Some yoga poses can even help balance our hormone production such as uttanasana – standing forward fold, helping the hypothalamus create more of the good hormones that we need for our wellbeing.

Meet Laura & Cat

Laura works with her colleague called Cat, a specialist in mind-bodycoaching, a women’s circle leader and a women’s mysteries teacher.  Prior to training as a coach, Cat was a Speech Therapist working in the NHS. She experienced first-hand the effects of a high pressured stressful environment, experiencing symptoms of burnout and autoimmune issues.  Cat discovered a mindbody approach to recovery in her darkest hour. After recovering herself and living a pain free and fulfilling life once again, Catnow applies her knowledge, skills and passion to help others recover too. She is particularly passionate about supporting women andstudiesthe world of ancient women’s wisdom, helping women toapplythis to how we live today. This wisdom has been nothing short of transformational in herown life and the lives of women sheworks with. 

Together they combine their passions and techniques putting together masterclasses at Ebb&Flow to help women balance their hormones, reconnect with their true feminine nature andbuild feminine energy.  They empower women of all ages to practice self-healing which benefits them in all stages of their life.

When you are disconnected from yourself and your cycles, you can end up experiencing all sorts of problems, such as, fatigue, mood swings, irritability, relationship challenges, low libido, insomniaand metabolism. Thesesymptoms can be related to hormonal imbalances, often driven by a dysregulated nervous system. It can be life changing for a woman to understand how she can flow with her cycle or be in her current life stage (particularly the important stage of menopause) and symptoms can be alleviated using some simple tools that we love to share.

Laura and Cat are hosting the first of their 4 workshops

Spring Workshop – 10th March 2019  Book Here

1pm until 4pm

Women have a deep wisdom

Women have a deep wisdom within themselves that is reflected in the cycles of nature. It is already there, you just need to tap into it. Our workshops will help you do that.

Our aim is to bring together the skills and wisdom of our community to create a unique and profound journey for women to know and understand themselves deeply.