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Ebb&Flow online is not connected to Mindbody or our bespoke app.  You need to open an separate account with Ebb&Flow Online Yoga.  Our week starts Mon to Sunday.

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frequently asked questions


How does online streaming work?

It’s very easy to use, simply click this link and follow the above instructions.


Can I stream using the E&F app?

No, this service is not connected to Mindbody or the E&F app.


How much does it cost?

You have two plan choices. You can either set up a monthly direct debit which is £39.99 per month (£9.99 per week) or you can pay per week from Monday through to Sunday for £11.99. Please note that the cost will remain at £11.99, should you choose to only purchase mid-week.


How does live streaming work with my class pack?

This is an additional service that is separate from studio class packs, as these can only be redeemed in the studio. All memberships and class packs are now on hold until the studio re-opens, so if you have any questions about this please contact jill@ebbflowyoga.co.uk.


Can I still come to the studio?

The studio is now closed and will remain closed until such a time that we feel it is safe for members to return and practise in person.


Which classes are live streamed?

All yoga classes (except pre-natal classes) will be live streamed, together with Barre and Pilates too.


Will the live streams be recorded?

Yes, we will record each live class so that anyone who is unable to attend the live stream is able to watch it back afterwards under the category “Live Replays”. Please note these recordings will stay up in the video library for a shorter time, and will then be removed to make room for the new ones.


Who can see the live stream?

Anyone who has paid for a weekly or monthly access to EbbFlowYoga.tv


Are you going to close the studio?

As per the latest update, the studio is now temporarily closed and in the meantime we will continue to live stream and upload online classes for you to practise at home. All memberships and class packs will be put on hold and extended until we are able to re-open.


How do I cancel my live stream membership?

Simple! You can edit all details on your account under the “Account” page on the top right of the screen.


If you have any other technical questions please contact rianna@ebbflowcorporatewellness.co.uk and we will be happy to help you!

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