Ebb & Flow -

We are Open.

Our beautiful first-floor listed bolt-hole away from the stresses and strains of everyday life has been designed to cocoon you in wellness.  We offer socially distanced classes every day of the week, for beginners and improvers.  Our studio has sophisticated air handling system (see below), with lots of sanitising points and every students needs to bring their own Yoga Mat.  

Fresh air handling

We employed an air quality consultant to visit our premises, the tests gave our in-house air handling system a high rating of air quality.  It pumps continual fresh air which is filtered first, into our studio, at the same time as sucking out any dirty air to ensure a healthy environment to exercise in.

“Good ventilation of fresh air is the key” says Prof Cath Noakes of the University of Leeds and chair of the environmental panel of the government’s SAGE advisers. 


hot Yoga, pilates and barre Classes 7 days a week

Take a look at the choice of classes and courses each week within our beautiful mood-enhancing studio.  There’s lots of variety, courses for beginners and challenging classes for the advancing student.  Our scheduled classes are now evolving into areas such as specific sessions for teens, Pilates for bad backs, mindfulness and meditation.  We always close our classes 5 minutes before, thus allowing all our students to settle in.  A cancellation charge of £5 will apply for late or no shows.

Are you ready?



We have installed over 1000 fibre-optic lights into the ceiling of our main studio, so you can lay amongst the stars and practice in a socially distanced class with our very own collection of soothing soundtracks.  An experience not just a studio.  All members can use the waitlists, which enable over 85% of students who are on the waitlist to actually get into their class of choice.

Gift Vouchers for your loved one.

If you’re looking for a different idea for a gift, you’re in the right place. Stylishly presented, Ebb&Flow gift vouchers come postcard size with matching envelope, all tied with a ribbon ready to be sent out to your loved one.  Contact the studio 01252 715933 if you would like the voucher posted to you.

UK deliveries within five working days; international within 10 days. Free UK postage and packaging on all gift cards.