Ebb & Flow -

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Yoga For Men.

Exclusively for men, this course unravels restricted mobility, lengthens and strengthens muscles, helps dissolve stress patterns, reduces the possibility of injury through sports and boosts your stamina. Ideal for those who like to run, cycle and play sports. Maybe you have long periods of sitting for work, which can cause restriction, stress and tension in the body.


If you are retired this course supports your flexibility as well as maintaining all important muscle strength in older years. A slow and methodical course of flexibility yoga, working to lengthen muscles, identify and build strength in weaker areas, and introduce meditation techniques to calm the nervous system.


7 week course: £119
Teen Yoga.

Teen yoga is the perfect way to find some balance and calm while providing a physical outlet to benefit your body; it will ultimately help with mental health and is the perfect antidote to stress. The benefits of yoga are invaluable, and the extra mental space can help your teen find new solutions to their problems or create new perspectives.


This course begins with a discussion process, to assess the needs of the group. We work at the pace and level to suit the age range of each group joining, and our specialised instructors have the necessary skills and training to ensure students enjoy the sessions, and importantly help them find their own path with their everyday experiences. 


7 week course: £112