Ebb & Flow -

Yoga For Men.

Exclusively for men, this course will unravel restricted mobility, lengthen and strengthen muscles, help dissolve stress patterns, reduce the possibility of injury through sports and increase your stamina.


Ideal for those who like to run, cycle and play sports. Maybe you have long periods of sitting at a computer which can cause restriction, stress and tension in the body.


If you are retired this course supports your flexibility as well as maintaining all important muscle strength in older years. A slow and methodical course of flexibility yoga, working to lengthen muscles, identify and build strength in weaker areas, and introduce meditation techniques to calm the nervous system.

5 week course – £80
Pre-Natal Yoga.

During pregnancy, yoga can play a key role in enhancing the experience of this precious time and empowering the mother-to-be to have the most conscious birth experience. This 5 week course will focus on postures and techniques to help strengthen the body and mind in a safe way ready for pregnancy.


We will address the key areas of pelvic floor, aching neck and shoulders, loss of stamina and keeping flexibility. This class is a great way to meet other new mums and share your journey together. Yoga can help women enjoy their pregnancy with minimal discomfort, cultivate awareness of breath and strengthen the body in preparation for labour.


You must be at least 14 weeks before you can safely come to these classes.

5 week course – £80

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