Ebb & Flow -

Why a membership?

With our flexible memberships you will have a set number of classes applied to your account when you sign up, ready to use over the year at your convenience; it’s like an annual class pack bundle that you pay off monthly and that means you will get the best price per class! The monthly amount will differ depending on which membership you choose and the contract length. 

We have 52 classes on every week for you to choose from, giving you the freedom and flexibility to book onto more classes one week and none the next, regardless of which ‘average class per week’ membership you select. The class price will change depending on your membership; essentially the more classes you choose per week, the less you pay per class! There are no additional late fees added should you need to cancel, you will just have a class deducted from your account.


Which membership should I get?

Click above to speak to one of our membership team!

To find out which membership is right for you, simply choose the average number of classes you’d like to attend per week and the duration of your membership, and we will calculate the monthly cost and relative price per class! You can compare different memberships and then select the right option for you. 

Classes Per Week
Membership Duration

I can’t attend every week, are memberships right for me?

Yes! With these memberships you have full flexibility and no scheduling restrictions; you can attend lots of classes one week, and none the next.

I have a 3 per week membership but I want to come more often - can I? 

Absolutely! You are not restricted to 3 per week, you can come to more classes and it will just lower your total class count on your account.

This applies to all memberships.

I go away for work a lot, is this the right option for me?

Definitely – these memberships are fully flexible so you can attend lots of classes one week, and none the next when you’re away.

You simply pay the same each month and your classes will still be unused on your account when you get back, ready to use!

Can I pay for a membership in one payment and not monthly? 

Yes, once you know what membership you would like, please contact us and we can process your payment.

What if I use more classes than I have on my membership? Can I upgrade?

If you use more classes than you expected and you run out before the end of your contract, you can purchase more classes at the ‘price per class’ within your membership band.

Check out our membership calculator to see how much this may be.

I don’t know how many to sign up to - can you help?

Of course! We are here to help get you on the right membership, which is why we say ‘average class per week’. Book an appointment to speak to one of our membership team and we can talk you though the options that would suit your schedule!

Can I trial the membership to see how often I attend before signing up to a 12 month contract?

Yes, we have the option to sign up to a 3 month membership so you can get a clearer picture of your personal attendance. Then after that initial term is up, you can either leave it rolling or move to a more cost effective 12 month membership. 

I usually get class packs, is a membership better?

Memberships are better value because class packs have a expiration date of 12 weeks and the price per class when buying a 20 pack is £11.50 (average of 2 classes per week).

Whereas with our 2 per week membership (104 classes per year) on a 12 month contract it’s only £10 per class and you have a year to us them!

All our memberships are:

  • Fully flexible and customisable.
  • No scheduling restrictions, so your membership can ebb and flow with your life; you can attend lots of classes one week, and none the next!
  • Your classes are yours to book on your terms; you do not need to book the same number of classes each week because it’s just an average.
  • Receive members-only rewards!
  • Far cheaper than class packs.
  • You’ll be first to know about upcoming events
  • Our memberships become monthly after the initial term and can be cancelled at any time after that.
  • They can also be extended by a month without an additional fee at the end of your initial term if you’ve been away or unwell, or haven’t found the time to use up your classes.
  • You’ll get exclusive access to members-only workshops
  • If you would like to attend more than 7 classes per week please contact us and we will customise a flexible membership for you.

Please note that all memberships are paid monthly; after the initial minimum term (3 or 12 months) has ended your membership will continue to roll on a month by month basis. Memberships can be cancelled anytime once the initial term has finished.