Ebb & Flow -


Our class sizes are much smaller to allow for space around everyone, so please add yourself to a waitlist. We are still managing to get everyone into class 85%+ of the time – our system is very efficient and quick.  You will receive a text/email when you have moved from the waitlist into the class – please reply promptly to let everyone else on the list have a chance at a class.

For the best user experience please view the schedule/workshops on either a desktop or tablet. If you are viewing on a mobile device, please download our application.


How does the waitlist work?

Please do put your name on the waitlist, it’s a really clever text/email system that sends you a notification (if ticked on profile settings – ask reception) when the next place in the waitlist queue comes available for class.

We currently run at 85%+% of people on the list gets a place… so it’s worth doing.  When you get your text… simply reply to the email OR text back Y for Yes (I would like to be in the class) or N for No Thanks.

2022 New Timetable