Ebb & Flow -

We have started with a smaller schedule, please add yourself to a waitlist if the class is full.  This helps us to know if there is enough demand and we will add more and more classes as the weeks go by.   We’ve already added 8 more in the last week.

For the best user experience please view the schedule/workshops on either a desktop or tablet. If you are viewing on a mobile device, please download our application.


How does the waitlist work?

Please do put your name on the waitlist, it’s a really clever text/email system that sends you a notification (if ticked on profile settings – ask reception) when the next place in the waitlist queue comes available for class. We currently run at 100% of people on the list gets a place… so it’s worth doing.  When you get your text… simply reply to the email OR text back Y for Yes (I would like to be in the class) or N for No Thanks.