Ebb & Flow -

Self-Love Healing

A great way to experience Jane’s work, is to book her Self Love Healing Session, a divine combination of Reiki & NLP Coaching that will leave you feeling grounded, inspired, motivated and confident.

A gift of two hours, combining deep relaxation and exploration into unblocking and undoing tension. This session comprises 60 mins Reiki and 60 mins Coaching. You will also leave with a personal gift from Jane.

120 mins – book

Empowering Women through Life’s Crossroads: Communication Coaching

Navigating the intricate web of personal and professional responsibilities, many women find themselves at crossroads, often feeling adrift in the vast sea of roles they undertake. With her exceptional communication coaching, Jane offers a lifeline to women who, whilst embracing family life, feel they have lost a piece of their identity or are hesitant to return to their previous careers.

Coaching with Jane allows you to arrive where you are in life, acknowledge the past and the story you’ve told yourself and that others have told you. She will help you explore your limiting beliefs, shed the shame and create radical transformation, through goal setting and accountability.

  • 1 x initial consultation (30 mins)

  • 5 x transformational coaching sessions (60 Mins)

  • 1 x follow up 1 month later


For countless women, Jane has been the guiding light, helping them find their way through the labyrinth of career, family, marriage, and self-identity. If you or someone you know seeks to rekindle their inner spark and navigate difficult situations with grace, Jane’s communication coaching is the beacon you’ve been searching for.

Jane is often described as an “extraordinary and talented healer and life coach”.

As a certified NLP Life Coach and Reiki Healer with over 20 years experience supporting women, children and families, Jane’s state-of-the-art healing modalities have created miraculous results in the realms of spiritual and emotional wellbeing for her clients.

Rediscovery of Self: Jane provides tools and techniques to help women reconnect with their core essence, their passions, and dreams, allowing them to redefine their identity beyond the roles they play.

Career Realignment: For those who no longer resonate with their past careers, Jane offers guidance on exploring new professional avenues in alignment with their evolved self.

Strengthening Bonds: By mastering effective communication, women learn to address and resolve marital or familial challenges, fostering deeper connections and mutual understanding.

Balancing Act: Through her coaching, Jane empowers women to strike a harmonious balance between personal aspirations and familial responsibilities, ensuring neither domain is compromised.

Jane’s dedication to personal transformation extends far beyond her coaching sessions. At the heart of her work is a profound passion for witnessing change, not just on an individual level but rippling throughout entire teams and businesses.

Her techniques instil confidence, trust, and self-belief, enabling individuals to surmount career hurdles they once deemed insurmountable.

If you’re seeking a coach who genuinely rejoices in your evolution, both professionally and personally, Jane Dockerill is the beacon of transformative change. Experience the profound difference she can make in your journey.

Reiki Energy Healing

Available in studio or remotely.

These sessions provide an experience of deep relaxation, a shift in energy, and the welcomed return of your true self as you attune to the higher frequency of your soul.

60-75 mins – book