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We asked Sam to write her blog about her life, so we can all get to know her a little more and understand her motivations for being a super amazing Yoga teacher at Ebb&Flow.  We love her classes and workshops so much – this blog is so interesting Sam, thank you.

“I was born, brought up, lived and worked in New Zealand until I was 29 years old, by this time I had two children, was married and decided it would be the ‘perfect’ time to pack up everything and travel to the UK and experience living in another Country. The boys were then aged 5 and 8 years old – so it made perfect sense right?!?!  However, my husband decided he didn’t agree and returned to the NZ.  The boys and I stayed on here.  At that time my career had evolved to Corporate HR in IT companies working as a HR Director and later VP for different International Blue Chip Corporates. It was pretty full on, travel, work, work, travel and in the meantime the boys grew up and I grew more and more restless.  It all seemed a bit pointless and spending time in airport lounges, hotels, and meeting rooms had long ago lost its appeal and shine.  In fact, it was more grime than shine.”


“My new partner was a little surprised when I rang him one day to say that I was leaving my big job and was going to take some time out.  At that time I hadn’t ‘done yoga’ since I was about 5 years old at kids Yoga classes at school in New Zealand and it wasn’t something I was interested in at all.  I had always been active but in a very all or nothing way, but I knew I needed some structure to my days so I started Bikram Hot Yoga with 40 deg heat & 40 % humidity it ticked all my Type A behaviours and needs.”

“Of course I didn’t just start and do one or two classes a week I started and went #everydamnday first for 30 days, then 60, then 150 and finally completing 250 days of Bikram classes, sometimes even twice, sometimes even 3 times!! I could tell you many reasons why I did, what happened, the good, the bad and the evil, but for now let’s move on.”

“After about 6 mths of practicing I came out of class one day and thought TADAA! I should just teach this schizz!! So, of course, I went off to California for 3 months and completed my 500 hr registered yoga teacher training and have continued to train and accredit each year.  I am in my 6thyear of full time teaching and I currently teach Bikram, Vinyasa, Rocket, and Yin Yoga.”

“Now let me tell you something: all those bumper stickers, memes, and inspirational quotes that say “Find something you love doing and you will never work another day in your Life” This is BS people.  IT IS ALL A LIE!  I love yoga with a passion, I enjoy movement, mobility, strengthening and the ability to move through life in a way that is relatively pain-free, but being a yoga teacher is maybe one of the hardest jobs I have every had as I am always, always, learning new stuff #everydamnday and prepping and packaging that up into relevant classes and personalised 1:1 sessions is a daily challenge I take very seriously.”

“I teach fulltime, David works in London, and we have 4 boys between us, plus a 13mth old grandson, & 2 dogs, we have a pretty full life, and this year I reached a milestone birthday (whisper very quietly 50 please) that I have been in denial about all year.  (I was in denial about the grandson until the nanosecond that Arthur arrived and stole our hearts obviously…)”

“I’ve had my fair share and maybe even an unfair share of injuries and yoga has helped me to learn to how to recover, rehabilitate and manage these and I love sharing this with others.  I am active and move in some way every day, those ways of moving are now predominately based on yoga but have evolved to be more functional for our western everyday life, and why wouldn’t they? With age comes the need to change.  Core stability has remained one of my main areas of interest.”

“I think that we all, no matter what you do, need MORE CORE.  Everything hangs off your Core, and I mean literally hangs off your Core.  There are so many ways to use your Core intelligently that do not mean – absolutely DO NOT MEAN – doing 150 sit ups or crunches.” 

“My Core workshops encourage you to explore how best to identify, ignite, use and explore your Core effectively, intelligently, sustainably. For this November we will create the sweet combination of Core Strengthening and Hamstring mobility drills which we will then weave into a flow.”

When is Sam’s Core & Hamstring Workshop ?

Sam’s workshop working on your Core & Hamstrings on 9th November at 12.00pm until 2pm at Ebb&Flow studio, Farnham.