Ebb & Flow -

What a year it’s been!

We’d to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, look forward to the year ahead, and take stock of our busy 2017!

Since the Spring when we first looked around our premises and had an inkling that we could have found a brilliant site for our dream studio, life has taken a rather hectic turn.  We spent many an evening burning the night oil compiling ideas and creating the bones of the business.  We travelled to studios far and wide, with the intention of looking for that X factor that makes a great studio.

Over the Summer, Katy and I have learnt great patience skills in managing the builders and their never-ending date changes and promises!  We opened the doors 24 hours after Rachel’s (Katy’s sister) 21st Birthday party in Yorkshire, where we partied the night away and then drove down to Surrey to welcome our first students at the 6.15am class on Monday morning of the 16th October

During the subsequent 6 busy busy weeks of Discovery Pass introductory offers, we were able to meet as many of you as possible.  Incredibly we taught over 3500 of you in this period which definitely gave us a chance to get to know you all.  

Going forward we would like to improve, making Ebb&Flow more of a community hub,  a happy place for you all to meet up, feel energised or after a class with Liane sometimes feel really sleepy!  We are planning more get-togethers and socials in the New Year where we can meet up as a real community.


Lately we have been planning, more workshops and courses for the New Year.  Plus setting up a couple of overseas retreats with your favourite instructors which we will launch very soon!  Watch on social media for more details.

May we take this opportunity to say how grateful we are that so many of you have taken Ebb&Flow to your hearts. Your kindness and wonderful reviews have made our busy and long days totally worth it.  Both Katy and I have been extremely lucky in finding the location of this studio, but even luckier in being blessed with such lovely people to be our members.  

It’s nearly time to wind down and celebrate with our families and friends, we will be open between the Christmas and New Year period on a reduced schedule so that everyone can still come to a class or two…

Wishing you all a hugely happy and healthy Christmas, bring on 2018…

With love,

Jill and Katy x

May we take this opportunity to say how grateful we are that so many of you have taken Ebb&Flow to your hearts.