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Yoga Gives Back

Yoga Gives Back is a non-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness and providing micro loans to Women and Children who are often running away from poverty and abuse. 

In 2007, inspired by Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Dr. Muhammad Yunus‘revolutionary micro financing breakthrough, Yoga Gives Back began supporting micro credit programs.

Through the Grameen Foundation, we funded programs who lend small loans to women who are otherwise excluded from the conventional banking and financial systems.

 YGB has grown to fund over 1200 mothers and children with micro loan programs and education funds with a minimum of five-year commitment to each person.


CLICK HERE to see our Creative Director Julee in India visiting the projects


Over 261 Teen Students Funded in 2018


Their education scholarship program is funding 261 disadvantaged students with a five-year scholarship for higher education in the rural villages of West Bengal and Chamarajanagar, Karnataka so that they can finish their high school education and aim for a college degree. 

These students were selected by YGB local NGO partners andDeeanbandhu and NISHTHA. These students have absolutely no other way to continue their education due to extreme poverty and related family problems, if it were not for SHE scholarship. Yoga Gives Back are delighted to meet totally determined and eager students, who express their gratitude, commitment and dreams this scholarship offers. 

Hear from Ananya.  She is one of 150 Scholarship students in West Bengal. Hear her struggle and hope against all odds  CLICK HERE


We have raised over £1500 so far for Yoga Gives Back.  We are so happy to be able to help all these wonderfully brave and resilient Women and Children.  Please look on our workshops page for the latest events where you can buy a ticket to help us raise more money for this worthy cause.