Ebb & Flow -

Meet Roxy. She’s a yoga teacher, massage therapist & Kundalini expert…

…and she’s bringing you a brand new workshop designed specifically around intention setting for the New Year! The aim of this workshop will be to provide you with the time to reflect on what you want to achieve in 2022, giving yourself the space for a fresh start and letting go of what you no longer need. She will support this intention setting with a beautifully sequenced yoga flow, focused on opening up specific areas of the body to make this process easier and bring some motivation and physical energy…

What to expect?

This is a self-discovery workshop using a variety of techniques including discussion and the physical practice of yoga to delve within, gain clarity & focus and harness the practical and spiritual tools of manifestation to unite our body and mind with our vision for the future, goals and any new intentions we may have.

We discuss practical techniques that will help us with intention setting and working through our goals, such as reflective journaling, timeline goal setting, mantras, and affirmations.

The workshop will be broken down into different segments where we work through various yoga based techniques such as meditation, breathwork and a physical yoga sequence. This will help boost our energy, draw the focus inwards and create space for what we want to welcome in and manifest into our lives for the year ahead.

Part of the guided meditation will focus on different areas of the body, working through tight spots that may represent emotional blockages (particularly around the heart & chest area), enabling you to understand how these may be acting as obstacles when it comes to achieving your goals and discussing the tools we can use to overcome these both mentality and physically. The physical yoga flow will aim to open up through the chest (and therefore heart) and will therefore symbolically cement our desires and passions.

This will be an informative workshop where our yoga practice allows us to be calm with a heightened sense of self so we can create a clear vision of our intentions. The techniques we use in the workshop will provide a foundation of calm and clarity for you to return to whenever focus and intention is needed.

Furthermore, the workshop is designed for you to feel your most authentic self and work in to that feeling, so I welcome you to bring anything that will provide comfort for you to feel that way. Please also bring a notebook and pen.