Ebb & Flow -

“Yoga means to unite or connect”

My understanding of the importance of connecting deepens through my yoga practice and also my teaching at Ebb&Flow.

Yoga moves the physical body, changes the emotional state and shifts our ability to connect socially, specifically in a class by drawing on the energy from others in the room. I believe that there is a mystical shift, a deep level transformation that we find by facing physical, and with it, emotional discomfort.

We can become aware of this biological, psychological, relational and spiritual impact more easily on the yoga mat because we are intentionally stepping towards the uncomfortable and actively seeking this change on a moment to moment basis.

We achieve this by consciously regulating the breath, allowing us to slow our minds down enough to notice physical sensations, and potentially to tolerate physical and emotional discomfort. By fixing our gaze and intention, we challenge ourselves to find balance even in the most difficult poses, which is directly applicable to our lives off the mat (where balance is so important).

I am really excited to be sharing my yoga journey in a new way by teaching at Ebb&Flow on a Friday evening at 6pm.  Sharing the practice of yoga through teaching has enhanced my own yoga journey, both on and off the mat.

As an example, in my work as a psychotherapist / counsellor, I am exploring similar themes of leaning into discomfort, and have found that the yoga and counselling disciplines complement each other really well.

Both disciplines encourage a stepping towards each moment and emphasise the potential opportunity for growth in every situation, no matter how big or small.

Malcolm Murray