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Which Yoga Teacher?

You choose your Yoga teacher

We recognise that you may want a particular teacher so let us know when you book.  If you have no preference, please choose Katy Simpson – Yoga and Barre Teacher. Katy teaches Yoga Sculpt, Flow & Restore, Yin, Yoga Nidra, Barre & Vinyasa classes. Having taught more than 900 beginner students she’s ideal if you’re starting out.  If you are looking for progression expect your one-to-one class to be dynamic and challenging as she takes you through the sequences. She likes to revitalise your mood and build on your energy levels.

Would you like a Pilates or Barre Class?

If you wanted to book a Pilates or Barre class, please give us a ring 01252 715933 or choose from these instructors on the list.

Owen Hutchinson & Jo Evans for Pilates 

Katy Simpson, Rebecca Hickin, Charlotte Nixon & Kate Stone for Barre 


What is a One to One?

Your health journey is personal – there is no single solution that works for everybody.  Through working with your private instructor you will experience a tailored and unique approach to achieving your wellbeing and fitness goals – and leave you seriously relaxed in the process.  Whether you are a complete beginner or looking to expand on your current practice, we know that private yoga or barre classes will benefit you.


What is a Bubble Class?

If you would like to make your own bubble group of friends, family, colleagues or maybe for a Birthday Present then you can book here.  Up to 5 people in your own bubble, you choose the type of Yoga, Barre or Pilates class you would like, then we will ring you back to make sure we understand the style of class you would like, we will check the teachers availability and then confirm the appt back to you. 

How much does it cost?

£80 for a one to one lesson lasting one hour (max Capacity 1)

£85  for a bubble lesson for 2 people (that’s £42.50 each)

£90  for a bubble lesson for 3 people (that’s £30 each)

£95  for a bubble lesson for 4 people (that’s £23.75 each)

£100 for a bubble lesson for 5 people (that’s £20 each)


Special Offers & Gift Vouchers




How to purchase a One to One ?
  1. Select an Appointment Type – Do you require a private or group appointment?
  2. Choose a teacher – if you don’t mind which teacher then choose ‘Katy’
  3. Request a date by click on the date – the date will turn ‘Pink’ 
  4. Press the SEARCH button
  5. Click on the time you prefer OR choose another date if there’s no appointments available 
  6. Login with your email address and password or ‘Register ‘with us
  7. Then purchase the appointment credit via your basket
  8. We will give you a call to discuss your requirements and to confirm the appointment.