Ebb & Flow -

Time to hit the slopes!


How is this course different from any other course that is aimed at skiers?       

Many courses aimed at skiers have a strong emphasis on strengthening the lower body. As this course comes from a Pilates perspective its focus is on the importance of strengthening and learning to work from your centre. You will gain awareness of the muscle groups of your centre that go beyond your abdominals, and how to access them to help improve your posture and balance.


How will Pilates improve my skiing or snowboarding?

Pilates is an incredible exercise system that combines elements of strengthening and stretching in every single exercise. The key focus is on improving posture and working from your centre so your balance will most definitely benefit. The incorporation of breath work will help you work on both releasing tension where you don’t need it and engaging the muscles that you do need. In addition to this you will gain better awareness in how you are moving your body, reducing the risk of injury.


Will Pilates be beneficial to the other sports that I take part in?

Yes! Pilates is the perfect mind body exercises system that complements all other forms activities and sports. Even if you are not going to the alps you will still benefit from attending this course.


Will I be able to practice at home or away?

Absolutely! The Pilates mat work can be done anywhere, and you do not even need a mat; a towel laid on a rug or carpet will do as long as your spine is supported.

Each week we will go through a short set of exercises that will be aimed at both strengthening and stretching. In addition to this you will be taught how stretch effectively.


When can I join the next Pilates for Skiers and Snowboarders?

  • Saturday 18th January for 4 weeks
  • 2.30pm to 3.30pm
  • All equipment provided

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