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New Year – New You… Really?


What’s wrong with the ‘you’ that you already have?

Rather than completely trying to change, replace or throw out what you have, think of this as your ‘re-use’ project and teach the body and mind that you have to move better, more functionally and more efficiently.

At Ebb&Flow we think it’s really important to start at the beginning, even if you have previous experience or haven’t practiced a mind-body discipline before. So, learn the fundamentals of Pilates, the disciplines and principles so that you can take this into any chosen method of movement including sport, yoga, gym training, running, cycling, horse-riding, walking the dog or simply playing with your children, the list is endless…


I usually practice yoga, is it the same?

In a word no! Let me explain what Pilates is and then you can decide what it is not.


What is Pilates and what are the main fundamentals I will learn on the course?

Pilates will teach you to connect your mind and body, it doesn’t happen instantly but once learned it is invaluable. Alignment is the first fundamental that you will learn, showing you to set yourself up correctly in alignment from head to toe. Breath is the second fundamental and perhaps the most important as you learn how to breath laterally into and out of the diaphragm. Centering is the third fundamental and the point from which all of your movement should be controlled.

So, whilst Pilates is not yoga, it is a method that once learned can bring a more core-aligned practice to any class type that you take and is equally effective in the gym, on the golf course or whilst gardening. 

What are the benefits of Pilates?

The benefits of Pilates are almost infinite, but they include better posture, a feeling of more length and space in the spine, release of tension throughout the body, in particular back and shoulders. Balance and overall strength are improved and because it requires a strong connection between the mind and the body, it improves concentration and focus that is beneficial to our work and home life too.


What is the Bonus handbook?

Because we want you to gain the most from the course and perhaps you would like to continue your practice at home or in-between classes we give you a handbook to take home at the end of the course covering all of the exercises that we have explored with tips and levels as you improve.


Kick off 2020 as you mean to go on and not just a resolution that is long forgotten about by February.


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