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An hour of Yoga teaching where it’s just you and the instructor, often specialising in things like flexibility, postures for strengthening lower back aches and pains, rehabilitation after an operation, de-stress breathing techniques or energising flows ideal for depression. It’s a pre-planned lesson just for you, tailored to your ability.  Nobody else gets to see what you can or can’t do.

How much does it cost?

It’s £80 for a one to one lesson lasting one hour or £90 for 2-5 people.  Sometimes it’s less intimidating to come with a friend?  Price includes a complimentary consultation prior to the 1st lesson.

What is it?

If you think you’re terrible at yoga, or you’ve been told that your posture is bad, perhaps you’re someone who isn’t as flexible as you once were?   Do you hide at the back of the Yoga class, intimidated by everyone else, creaking and groaning your way through several poses you don’t understand?

Taking one-on-one lessons helps improvement and confidence massively, having a teacher with you all the time, adjusting your posture, explaining techniques and skills – if you don’t improve with these lessons then you’ll never improve!

What’s it actually like?

Easily one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.  A good instructor is like magic, they will talk you through each yoga pose, explaining the theory behind it and making sure your posture is exactly right.  The session can be tailored exactly to your strengths and weaknesses, which means you don’t feel too embarrassed when your hip keeps cramping up during a set of deep asanas!

Over the hour, you can concentrate fully on the fundamental poses of yoga, like the downward dog, the warrior pose and the tree pose. If you then chose to do any more yoga after this, you’ll be building on solid foundations and after your One to One, we’ll be surprised if you aren’t keen to do more.

Best and worst bit

Towards the end you will practised some relaxation exercises, which are just flat-out amazing. The worst part? You’ll probably not be able to hide the fact that you are basically asleep!

Is it worth it?


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