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We can’t command self-love when we don’t practise it.

As women we often put ourselves at the bottom of every priority list. Many of us stay in unhealthy and emotionally depleting relationships, through a lack of self love. Many of us go out of our way to please others, because we are so disengaged with ourselves, it’s easier to be invisible and please others before thinking of our own wants and needs.

Why do we wait until our health is suffering to intervene in our own life patterns?

The reality is that many of us simply do not know, or truly trust ourselves.

As a NLP Life Coach, Transformational Healer and Behaviour expert, I support women on a journey to find themselves, trust themselves and truly love themselves. The journey I take you on is to find your authentic identity; we will remove the shame attached to your journey, the stories you’ve told yourself or others have told you, that were not true or helpful.

When we speak to ourselves in a nurturing and gentle way, we give ourselves permission to be at our best. It’s easy to forget to take care of our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, but if you want to find inner peace and create lasting transformation in your life, it’s essential to show yourself love first.

Remember, your relationships with yourself and others will blossom when you show yourself love and care. The journey to self-love and acceptance is a journey within, it’s the beginning of a new way to live authentically, honour your spirit and find inner peace. When you are truly connected to yourself, your wellbeing is a non-negotiable.

Self-love is not indulgent, it’s a necessity.

5 Self-Love Tips

Create a self-love routine; a bath or some alone time in nature

Improve your physical health; take up yoga, Pilates, or a new sport

Pay attention to what you’re eating (emotional health starts in the gut!)

Establish a sleep hygiene routine; replace screens with reading or listening…

Plan! It helps to diarise your self-love time, so schedule it in and make it non-negotiable!