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Ayesha Saifie

Hot Flow, Mindful Flow

Ayesha has been part of the Ebb community for about 3 years before embarked on her Yoga Teacher training.   She fell in love with the practice pretty quickly, it was the fact that she noticed the direct benefits it had on her life in such a short time that pushed her to becoming a teacher.  Being so curious about how far she could go with her Yoga journey, she began to learn so much more about herself as a person.  

Ayesha loves the process behind the skill of teaching,  she finds the planning of the classes a really creative process, which gives her so much satisfaction when she actually teaches the flows to her students.

Her favourite Yoga style is a dynamic Vinyasa classes, with a strong focus on connecting the movement with the breath. Expect her to encourage you to explore different ways of moving on the mat, being present in the moment and finding strength in your own body to really feel the connection. 

Since the age of 19, she has worked full time in the public sector and has always been the attracted to being part of a team that help others and give back to the community.  When time allows she loves gardening and going on long walks but her obsession with dogs, house plants and interior design makes for a very busy and colourful home!