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Brad van Bylevelt


When we first met Brad, his smile, friendly and happy character shone through.  South African born he started out on his yoga journey in 2009.  A prodigy of his is guru, Stewart Gilchrist with whom he completed his 200hr training certificate.  

brad’s Bio:

Brad has a strong and dynamic style to his classes, so if you are looking for a workout, to really feel you’ve been challenged – then this is the teacher for you.  His ‘pacey’ Vinyasa yoga, gives you the chance to get toned and re-energised.

This is a teacher who likes to be fluid, with a lively form of movement originating from India and is much less static than the traditional yoga styles.

Brad is keen to release tension and stress through his breathing, chanting and meditation at the end of each class.  He always leaves his students feeling in a happy mood, enabling them to be more focused on the present moment, and guiding them in a skilful-meditative way