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Emma Ahern

Warm Vinyasa

Emma began practising yoga when she was 18 years of age. With a background in competitive sports and an already established meditation practice from her Reiki training, yoga was the “perfect fit” of of physical, mental and spiritual practice for Emma.

emma’s bio:

In 2017 she completed her teacher training and went on to teach yoga in Farnham, building a community both locally and online. Emma is also a speech and language therapist, specialising in neurodiversity, with a huge passion for neurology and sensory processing. Emma brings her personal and professional experiences and passions into her practice, interweaving science and yoga philosophy to deliver a dynamic, grounded and engaging experience for her students.

Emma teaches in a way this is aimed to leave you feeling connected, grounded and empowered through conscious movement. The dynamic sequence of poses in her classes aims to develop your range of flexibility, balance, and stability, as well as building your strength. Prepare to explore the edge of your own physical and mental abilities in this practice; the perfect way to shake off the week and to feel re-energised and forced for the weekend!

All poses and sequences are aimed to be suitable for every body type and ability, with the “intermediate” emphasis on having a good understanding of yoga poses and aimed at those who have been practicing yoga for some time.