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Julee Yew-Crijns

Yoga Teacher Training

Julee’s strong dynamic flows will get your blood pumping and body singing, Julee is an extremely experienced teacher who will guide you through a safe practice, assisting your alignment along the way.

Julee’s Bio:

Julee found yoga when searching for a way to be pain free after a wake-boarding accident in 1998.  At first it was the physicality of the practice that she loved. Her muscles were tight, she couldn’t sit up straight and needed at least two blocks to help her. After time, Julee fell in love with the other ways in which yoga transformed her life. Yoga has taught her patience, perseverance and commitment, and more importantly, the ability to support others along the same path.

After a long wonderful journey, Julee is pain-free and her orthopaedic consultant tells her that any other person would not be walking in the way she is today. She puts it down to yoga. 

Julee is a graduate of Shiva Rae, Sivaram Scott Orton and Prana Vinyasa. She has practiced and studied with a range of yoga schools namely Anusara Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga & Para Yoga, systems that she continues to train and practice with today. She believes in teaching yoga as an inside-outside journey that supports your life story. This is why she wants to share it with all her heart.