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Karen Aspinall

Barre, Intuitive Flow

Karen is a professionally trained dancer and has worked in musical theatre, on stage and screen for almost 20 years.  Karen is also a wonderful Yoga teacher, she teaches a range of these classes at Ebb&Flow for us when we need cover, she’s multi talented in various styles of movement and fitness; a discipline that has been part of her lifestyle for many years.

Karen discovered barre whilst travelling in the states, loved it immediately and has since used it (alongside her yoga practice) as a tool to support her dance career. She has been teaching the discipline for 10 years, including time spent as the lead trainer for a Barre Teaching school in London.

Karen is passionate about the benefits of barre and sees it from a totally holistic point of view. Having used the exercises taught in her classes to aid injury rehabilitation following knee surgery, she has personally experienced how the different elements of a barre class can be strengthening both for the body and mind. Karen can’t wait to share her experience, knowledge and passion of all things ‘BARRE’ with you